Sunday, 21 May 2017

Blow thy Horn, Hunter

Blow thy Horn, Hunter
William Cornysh
Born: 1465
Died: October 1523
Unknown creation date

Blow thy horn, hunter,
And blow thy horn on high!
There is a doe in yonder wood,
In faith she will not die:

Now blow thy horn, hunter,
Now blow thy horn, jolly hunter!

Sore this deer stricken is,
And yet she bleeds no whit;
She lay so fair, I could not miss,
Lord, I was glad of it:

Now blow thy horn, hunter,
Now blow thy horn, jolly hunter!

As I stood under a band,
The deer shoff on the mead;
I struck her so that down she sank
But yet she was not dead.

Now blow thy horn, hunter,
Now blow thy horn, jolly hunter!

There she go'th! See ye not,
How she go'th over the plain?
And if ye lust to gave a shot,
I warrant her barrain.

Now blow thy horn, hunter,
Now blow thy horn, jolly hunter!

He to go and I to go,
But he ran fast afore;
I bade him shoot and strike the doe,
For I might shoot no more.

Now blow thy horn, hunter,
Now blow thy horn, jolly hunter!

To the covert both they went,
For I found where she lay;
An arrow in her haunch she hent,
For faint she might not bray.

Now blow thy horn, hunter,
Now blow thy horn, jolly hunter!

I was weary of the game,
I went to tavern to drink;
Now, the construction of the same--
What do you mean or think?

Now blow thy horn, hunter,
Now blow thy horn, jolly hunter!

Here I leave and make an end
Now of this hunter's lore:
I think his bow is well unbent,
His bolt may flee no more.

Now blow thy horn, hunter,
Now blow thy horn, jolly hunter!

Sunday, 5 February 2017


Lists are important, I find listing what I want to do/create means I have a reference and can steadily work on projects throughout the year, the past few years I have found that working throughout the year stops the "event panic" common within the society, it's not two weeks to "faire" I have all year to build, create and research... so do you, I dont need panic to be productive.

I have a few current projects I am working on,

Tent (buying one, since the popup isn't working as well as I have hoped)
A folding camp table (inlaid with a map of the known world)
x2 Folding chairs (was thinking a glastonbury chair)
Folding bed ( considering building a monastery bed that breaks down)

Landsknecht garb
1x Dress set
4x General

Travel kit (just need arms and (semi) coat of plates now)
Breakdown shield (plan is to create a shield that can break into smaller parts for transport/travel) similar to my hand pavise.

More cheese making
Brewing (have 100L currently aging)

Largess (being a noble means an obligation to provide largess (this is not an sca requirement, but my own personal value) I have done so every year (last year I made 40L of sekanjabin syrup)

12 things challenge (almost finished)

Training, dancing (need to find a teacher) and singing (learning songs in german)

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Cut twice, measure once.

Real life keeps preventing me from pursuing my dream, so my new year's resolutions is to make time.

So to that end I am going to continue to make time to work on my blog, Thank you to all the mysterious people who do visit (almost 50 per day from unique Ip's) I am working on the bench assembly plans Link to Bench plans and continuing my quest for period style padding without breaking the bank Link to Gambeson

I leave you with a 1100 - 1150 Troubadour song about the crusades Link to Audio file

Marcabru, Pax in nomine Domini - (translated from french - Original)

I. Peace in the name of the Lord! Marcabru made the verse and the tune. Hear what he says: how the heavenly Lord in His loving-kindness has created for us, in our vicinity, a washing-place such as never existed before, apart from over there near the valley of Josaphat in Outremer; but it is about the one over here that I exhort you.

II. We ought to wash night and morning, according to what is right, I assure you. Each has the opportunity to wash; he ought to go to the washing-place while he is still fit and well, for it is a true medicine for us, because if we go to death beforehand, instead of a lofty mansion we shall have lowly lodgings.

III. But avarice and no-faith divide youth from his companion. Ah, what grief it is, that all and sundry fly towards that place whose reward is infernal! If we do not run to the washing-place before we have our mouth and eyes closed, there is not one of us so puffed up with pride that he will not find a strong adversary at the moment of death.

IV. For the Lord who knows all that is, and knows all there will be and ever was, has promised us a crown and the title of emperor; and its beauty will be sapiential, for it will shine in the sky at the washing-place more than the morning star, provided that we avenge God of the wrongs that they do to Him both here and over there towards Damascus.

V. Akin to the line of Cain, the first evil man, there is a great number here of whom not one shows honour to God. We shall see who will be His close friend, for with the miracle of the washing-place Jesus will be in communion with you. And drive back the rabble who believe in augury and divination!

VI. But the lecherous wine-trumpeters, dinner-gobblers, brand-blowers, hearth-squatters will remain behind, those pilferers! For God wants to test the brave and the sound in His washing-place, and these others will keep an eye on the houses and dig their coulter into the garden (?), which is why I hound them to their shame.

VII. Here and in Spain the Marquis and all of Solomon’s Temple bear the weight and the burden of pagan pride, which is why youth gathers a base reputation; and the public outcry relating to that other washing-place pours down on the highest-ranking leaders: broken failures, weary of valour, who love neither joy nor delight.

VIII. The French are perverted if they say no to God’s cause, for I know how things stand! Antioch, here Guyenne and Poitou are in mourning for reputation and worth. May God conduct the count to His washing-place and lay his soul to rest, and may the Lord who rose from the tomb guard Poitiers and Niort.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Fimblewinter 2016

This last weekend I had the honor of helping to steward a local event "Fimbulwinter" it was quite a lot of fun, I got to see how much effort goes into planning event's (P.S, they don't happen overnight) It was also the 10th anniversary of the 1st fimbulwinter so we re-created the Feast that Lord Kotek made.

We had guests from Ildhafn and from our baroney, Southron gaard. Also in attendance was the Baroness of Southron gaard to which she comported herself with noble grace and bearing (even while reading ribaldry) much fun talking, drinking, rapier, archery, embroidery, candle dipping was to be had.

But the company was the best part, spending time with those that enjoy the game as much as you or I.

Sadly we had 7 cancellations due to sickness which left our tables very well stocked, I heard tell of people exclaiming they may well explode with all the food and drink on offer and a large debate rolled on towards night as which was the best dish, with all the food being compared and attendees exclaiming their favorites (my personal favorite was the Honey and Cumin carrots)

It was a great pleasure to see attendees helping and assisting others, talking and debating without one-upsman ships which so plagues the mundane world. events like this is what I feel the SCA is all about and was very enjoyable to attend.

I wish to thank each and every attendee for making the event what it was and what I will remember it to be years from now. I hope that in Year 20 of fimbulwinter others will look back at what came before with fond memories and a light heart.

Ps. There's still food left.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Sunset and the dawn


I have been quite unwell these past few months haven't been able to train or do much SCA related stuff so my path slowed somewhat. (a big "I'm sorry" to the gentleman who asked me about shield Pavise construction as I have been unable to fulfill his request about a template and construction method, esp rawhide edging)

Recovering from events in your life can be tricky, I have found this is be true especially in regards to keeping momentum or motivations for your projects, it can be many, many things that set projects back. For me I suffer from Cluster headaches which randomly (or without a discernible pattern I have found) have periods of high activity.

Part of chivalry in my opinion, is the ability to push past or at least take on adversity! Stand and say No.. when it meets the Code to do so. I hope I can find the strength to continue this task, which I will never finish even if I reach my goal.

The path to knighthood is never ending, Even if you reach the point to be recognised, the path continues.. ever onwards into the sunset, and onto the dawn of a squire.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

A crown, a tower and dream while fleeting.. lasts.

Canterbury Faire is over.. Sad, but joyful at seeing all those within the populace who travel to spend time with those in far flung reaches.

At Faire we crowned a New King and queen, King Gilbert Purchase and Queen Bethony Gaitskell, long may they reign! and our baroney has a new Baron and Baronesses, Baron Richard and Baroness Ginevra.

Many, many hours of court made this possible (my poor legs) and 2 pelicans were recognised, Anna de wilde and Ginevra both who duty and service shows them to be valuable and valued members of the SCA, long have they toiled to help bring us events, offices and service.

My duty as a henksman (guard) to the barony of southron gaard, kept me running all over the event setting up court and finding lost/misplaced items, while the duty was long and sometimes impeded what I wanted to do, I kept my word and upon my honor that would be cheerful and be committed to all that was required of my duty.

While service and duty calls the field upon which mettle is tested was loudest of all, Sadly I was found wanting but not from lack of trying. The armour changes I made that were battle untested as a complete kit did not work as intended, my sword side pauldron kept slipping under my armour's backplate which meant that I couldn't move my sword back past my torso dramatically reducing power generation and a buckle which looked sound during my pre-faire check slipped its tether and dropped the strap holding my arm on, Field repairs were made but this proved to be a constant failure at the most in-opportune moments, with armour failure aside my own technique was lacking I have much to work on and while at faire sought out advice and techniques from all willing to pass on their knowledge to which I would like to thank: His Majesty Gilbert, His Excellency Steffan, Sir Agro, Sir Roland who took time and helped with advice and techniques.

Knowledge is valuable, more greatly prized than material goods but knowledge is useless unless enacted and I intend to not let such go to waste. My liege, Sir Philippe de Tournay while not able to attend this event his advice and guidance still rings true in keeping a small book to write down help/advice/idea's so such a valuable bounty may not be forgotten.

I am tired, worn, beaten but I will not fall, see you all at the next event. (and uninjured! even after fighting in gods and monsters in minimum armour and no padding)

Sunday, 10 January 2016

The tower on the plains.

Canterbury Faire (Southron gaards biggest event and the biggest yearly event in NZ) starts next week and this year its bigger than ever! With 12th Night (the coronation of last crown tourney winner to be king/queen of Lochac for the next 6 Months) and Cfaire after that its shaping up to to be a very eventful event!

Myself and my lady are ready, we decided there would be no last minute panic over gear/stuff, So we started planning just after last faire (2015) and have worked hard to have everything ready including new garb and armour.

I am looking forward at seeing all my fellow scadians again and meeting a few new ones, nothing builds comrades like crossing swords (I call it my friend stick) and then beer. hopefully I won't be injured like last year (2 hairline fractured ribs and a mild concussion) but I won't lament if I am, its all part of the fun.

Each event allows the opportunity for service and to improve courtly graces, I hope to acquit myself well on the field of battle too, but my fellow fighters are very good so I don't expect any victory's. (not that it will stop me from trying) I hope to inspire a few new fighters, and help out with their first few blows. I enjoy taking a bit of time each year to seek them out and talk/train, maybe even gift some of my spare gear.

I am also looking forward to the investiture of our new baron and baroness and spending time with my liege. Each year I learn more and more such depth of experience and grace paying heed to his teaching's has served me well.

No blog post next week as I will be at an event.